Flying Minion

RC Flying Minion

Flying Minion

Fantastic Low Priced Flying Minion Remote Control Toy from GearBest

The Flying Minion Infrared Remote Control Helicopter with Automatic Sensor Function


Flying Minion
I have a fantastic little Grandson, Jackson whom I love dearly. He will be three in August and it was Jackson that got me into Flying RC Quadcopters and Drones. His father is an accomplished RC Helicopter pilot having recently flown a full-sized helicopter. Jackson Junior was introduced to Remote Control Helicopters at a very early age. He has already twice flown in a Helicopter once in Brazil and once on a recent trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida where he also visited Universal Studios and saw the Minions and went on a hilarious 3-D Minion Ride.


Propellers, Minions and an RC Excavator
Jackson absolutely loves anything with propellers, planes, helicopters, Quadcopters, and boats. He also loves the Minions they really make him laugh and smile. When he visits he always asks to watch the Minions on my Wife’s iPad. He also likes anything Remote Control and my stepson Scott bought him a great little Radio Control Multifunction Excavator Toy from GearBest last Christmas. Jackson Junior was delighted with his RC Toy and I’ve caught his Dad playing with it!


RC Excavator

Great Low Priced Remote Control Excavator from GearBest


Toys like the RC Excavator are the perfect safe learning tool to get youngsters used to the controls on RC Transmitters and they are excellent for improving Hand Eye Coordination.

RC Quadcopters and RC Helicopters
I started Flying Quadcopters so I could partake in a pastime that my Grandson and I can enjoy together. He is already learning to Fly RC Quadcopters under the guidance of his Dad using the fabulous Cheerson CX-10 Nano Quadcopter  with a propeller guard attached. For anyone wanting to try out Drone Flying the Cheerson CX-10 3-D is the perfect entry point. It is simply a marvel of Nano Technology and extremely addictive to fly, it never fails to amaze.

RC Quadcopter

Best Selling Nano Quadcopter the Cheerson CX-10


Learning to Fly Helicopters
Jackson’s Dad is also teaching me to fly RC Helicopters which I’m not finding easy. I can now see why Quadcopters have become so popular, flying Drones is easy compared with the complexity of RC Helicopters, and they are a lot easier to maintain. Having tried a few RC Helicopter models I find the WLtoys V931  a scale model of the AS350 Écureuil (Squirrel)  is great RC Helicopter to learn your flying skills

RC Helicopter

Best Beginner RC Helicopter the WLtoys V931


Great Flying Minions Toy

When I came across this great little RC Toy the Flying Minion on GearBest I just had to get it for I know how much pleasure it will bring Jackson. It ticks all the boxes, Minions plus propellers he is sure to love it. I’m going to have plenty of fun with it; I’ve yet to fly a Minion!

Flying Minion

Remote Control Flying Minion with Hand Sensor

Flying Minion Specification

This 8071 Flying Minion has 2 control modes: Automatic induction mode and transmitter control mode
Transmitter controlling mode will allow the 8071 Flying Minion to hover in the air
The Flying Minion can be controlled by the RC Transmitter or Hand Sensor Control Technology
Cute and Stylish Minions Shaped Design
Easy to operate
Please Note: All toys with rotating parts should always be supervised by an Adult and the emphasis should always be on safety.

Great Range of Minion Products from GearBest
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