JJRC H11WH Low Priced FPV Quadcopter

Low Priced FPV Quadcopter from GearBest

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Low Price FPV Quadcopter from GearBest the JJRC H11WH


The JJRC H11WH is a small compact RC Quadcopter 240 size  and comes in a rubberized black finish with red markings. Attached is a small first person view camera that allows the user to view image transmission from the Quadcopter on a mobile device. Although this model is relatively inexpensive (on sale at GearBest for $51) CLICK THIS LINK it is packed with great features and comes with a neat little remote control transmitter.
What’s in the box
The JJRC H11WH comes almost ready to fly out of the box. All you need to do is attached the landing skids and the propeller guards if required and insert 3 AAA batteries in the transmitter and charge the Quadcopter Lipo battery via the supplied USB cable and it is ready to go. Before flight you can download the free App to your mobile device so you can get a bird’s eye view of what your Drone is viewing. The 2MP camera is already attached and you will get a spare set of propellers and a user manual.
JJRC H11WH Quadcopter has Great Features
The JJRC H11WH comes with many features not often seen in a Low Priced Quadcopter. It has a 2 megapixel camera that relays footage to your mobile device. The angle of the camera can be adjusted via the remote control transmitter and video footage can be captured on the app. It has three levels of control beginner, intermediate and advanced and is super stable due to the inbuilt altitude hold. When the battery is charged it is connected to the craft and an on off switch turns the Quadcopter on. The remote control transmitter has an on off switch that arms or disarms the brushed motors, a great feature and there is also an emergency stop button that is enabled by pressing in the right stick. With Quadcopters that have altitude hold the motors keep spinning when they crash and this often burns a motor so if you experience a mishap be sure to press in the right stick immediately and the motors will instantly stop spinning.

RC Quadcopter

Neat, compact with great features the JJRC H11WH Remote Control with the functionality well marked

Please Note on this model I believe the JJRC H11HW the Photo and Video buttons are not functional as the video is recorded directly to the App. I will test with Micro Sd Card to see if I can get footage to that.

The APP I will be using is the Flyeye I scanned the QR Code on the front page of the manual to access this App which seems to be the latest App JJRC recommend as a sticker has been placed over the previous version.

Headless mode can also be enabled so regardless of the direction the Quadcopter is pointing toward pushing the right stick forward will make the Quadcopter fly forward and likewise pulling the stick back will make it fly backwards. Right is always right and left always left. It also has a one key return function but please be aware the return to home on these Low Priced Quadcopters is often erratic.

For full details of this great little FPV Quadcopter from GearBest  CLICK THIS LINK

If you wish you can also use the right hand top button of the Quadcopter to make it flip 360 degrees in a chosen direction. While this is very impressive to onlookers please don’t overdo this functionality as it stresses the motors and is not recommended for indoor flying. Flips need to be done when there is a good charge in the battery otherwise this function will not work. Update: I tried using the flip function but can’t seem to enable it, I will fully charge the battery and try again. I’ve seen it flip in some videos so it should do it.

The easy replaceable motors are a blessing

Whilst on the subject of the motors I would like to note at this point that they are plug and play so you can effortlessly change them with out the need for soldering skills. For me this is a real plus, after flying these types of models for a sustained period motors will go and the ability to change them quickly is a real bonus. I would suggest you buy a couple of spare batteries as you will only get a short flying time from this model approximately 7 minutes and be sure to let the motors cool down between flights.

I would also recommend that if you are new to Quadcopter flying then attach the propeller protectors especially if you are flying indoors it will not only protect the propellers but avoid any damage to your surroundings.

The JJRC H11HW Quadcopter also has a some bright led lights that run at the side of the body and two at the rear of the craft. These lights are invaluable for ascertaining the orientation of the Quadcopter in flight.

After a few shorts flight with this model I can honestly say this is one of the very best Low Priced Quadcopters available on the market. It is a perfect for beginners who wish to develop their flying skills both indoors and outdoors on a calm day and perfect for those flyers who wish to develop their FPV flying skills. You will always get latency when using WiFi enabled FPV but this is a starting point and its always good to see what your Quad is seeing

I will take some video footage when the weather permits and post it up on this page.

I find the JJRC H11Hw extremely easy to fly and do not hesitate in giving it a 5 Star rating. Check it out NOW at GearBest  CLICK THIS LINK one of the World’s leading suppliers of RC products.


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