Nano Hexacopter Comparison Review

The MJX X900 Nano Hexacopter versus the JJRC H20 Nano Hexacopter

In this comparison review we look at a couple of the latest Nano sized Hexacopters the MJX X900 Nano Hexacopter and the JJRC H20 Nano Hexacopter and recommend which model you should buy. Please note both these Hexacopters where sent to us Courtesy of TinyDeal a leading supplier of RC Products so we can undertake an impartial comparison review


Nano Hexacopters

from left to right: Hubsan Q4 Estes Pro, Cheerson CX-10, MJX X900, JJRC H20 The Nano Evolution

If you look at these two models side by side you will see that the JJRC H20 Nano Hexacopter is considerably bigger than the MJX X900 Nano Hexacopter. The X900 Drone is true Nano size whereas the H20 comes between Nano and Micro size. The remote control transmitter on the H20 Nano Drone is also bigger than the tiny one from the X900 Hex.

Nano Hexacopters

The Two Nano  Hexacopters and Remote Control Transmitters

Let’s have a look at what you get in both Heaxacopter boxes:

JJRC H20 Nano Hexacopter comes nicely packaged in a strong little box as does the MJX X900 Nano Hexacopter. The advantages the JJRC H20 Hexacopter has over the MJX X900 Hexacopter are evident to see as soon as the package is taken out if the box.
The first thing you notice is the H20 comes with propeller guards attached making it far safer for beginners to fly than the X900 and more likely to avoid any damage if crashed. The H20 also has white front facing propellers which help with orientation when flying; all the X900 propellers are black the same colour as the body shell. I must say both these Hexacopters look extremely well made with the X900 made in very strong rigid ABS plastic and the H20 in a thinner plastic favored by the Micro class Quadcopters and Hexacopters. Surprisingly the smaller X900 weighs 23 grams and the larger H20 at 21 grams.
Both Hexacopters come with a USB charging cable, spare propeller blades (3 for the X900 and 6 for the H20, the H20 Drone also comes with a screwdriver and both have user manuals. It a pretty standard kit that comes with Quadcopters and Hexacopters of this size
Turning both Hexacopters over you will see that the X900 has a battery that is enclosed in the body shell but the battery of the H20 Nano Hexacopter is detachable. This is great feature as you do not get a long flying time with RC models of this size. Tiny Deal has spare batteries in stock for this model so you can buy a few and prolong your flying time. With the X900 you will have to wait for your battery to charge before extending your drone flying experience.

Let’s now have a look at the Hexacopter remote control transmitters
As you can see the X900 remote is tiny compared to the remote control of the H20 Hexacopter it may be OK for someone with small hands like me but anyone with big hands is going to struggle with it, it’s so small. The remote control for the H20 is far bigger and far more user friendly. The remote control of the H20 Nano Drone takes 2 AA batteries and the remote control for the X900 Nano Hexacopter 2 AAA batteries.

The JJRC H20 Nano Hexacopter is priced at only $18.99 CLICK THIS LINK and the MJX X900 Nano Hexacopter is $20.30 CLICK THIS LINK on TinyDeal.

Flight Tests of the MJX X900 and the JJRC H20 Hexacopters
I conducted my first flight test with the X900 Nano Drone, great blue led lights on the back four arms, red on the front two arms perfect for orientation. Three speed modes that are changed by pressing in the left stick and when in top speed or expert mode the Hexacopter will automatically flip if the right stick is quickly pushed in any direction. That’s about it for the MJX 900, I didn’t find this model a great flyer it was fun but not fantastic and you had a struggle with the small transmitter and stiff sticks to keep it hovering in one position. It flipped reasonably well but my overall impression was one of disappointment. I do enjoy flying these tiny Drones but the X900 left me wanting more. I did a few flight tests outdoors and I found the X900 Hexacopter better suited for indoor flying.

Nano Hexacopter

Red JJRC H20 Nano Hexacopter

Flying the JJRC H20 Drone was a completely different experience. Although there were no led lights on the arms the back red led lights and the front blue leds combined with the two white front facing propellers were perfect for orientation. The H20 Drone also has three speed modes beginner, intermediate and expert and the speed modes are changed by pressing in the top left button on the transmitter. The H20 also has a flip activating button on the top right of the transmitter there is no automatic flip it expert mode which in my mind is a far better solution. I found the H20 Hexacopter extremely easy to fly, it was super stable and in low speed rate perfect for beginners. The sticks on the remote control were far smoother to operate than those on the X900 Nano Drone and therefore controlling it was far easier. Flips were very tight and easy to control. The Yaw rate in low and intermediate was fairly docile again making it perfect for beginners but in high or expert rate it was extremely fast. The propeller guards allowed you to ‘Bump’ off walls without crashing. I tested the JJRC H20 outside in a slight breeze and it handled very well and was fabulous fun to fly.

Spare parts for the JJRC H20 Nano hexacopter are available from TinyDeal

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The JJRC H20 Nano Hexacopter is priced at only $18.99 CLICK THIS LINK and the MJX X900 Nano Hexacopter is $20.30 CLICK THIS LINK on TinyDeal.

Nano Hexacopter

Gold JJRC H20 Nano Hexacopter

The JJRC H20 is the better Hexacopter of the two
The JJRC H20 Hexacopter has a removable battery, a definite advantage over the X900, a far better larger remote control transmitter and with the propeller guards on it makes it far more user friendly for beginners. The gyroscopic flight control on this Nano Drone is excellent you are not struggling to keep it level and it is great for indoor and outdoor flying on a calm day. In the high speed expert mode it turns into a little monster that will astound any onlookers with its flight capabilities. I am a big fan of JJRC products and found the H20 an absolute joy to test. I flown many of these sized drones over the last few years and this JJRC H20 Hexacopter is a fantastic example of Nano Drone technology.
If you are a beginner to drone flying or you want a small RC flyer to take anywhere with you, to fly indoors or outdoors then I would highly recommend the JJRC H20 Hexacopter from Tiny Deal. It represents unequalled value for money and would make the perfect gift for any occasion.
The JJRC H20 Nano Hexacopter is priced at only $18.99 CLICK THIS LINK and the MJX X900 Nano Hexacopter is $20.30 CLICK THIS LINK on TinyDeal.

Nano Hexacopter

Two colors of the MJX X900 Nano Hexacopter

The MJX X900 Nano Hexacopter
I know in this comparison review I’ve been a little harsh with my opinions of the MJX X900 Nano Hexacopter that’s more down to the fact that I received both these models at the same time and for me the H20 sits closer to the Micro class sized models than the very tiny Nanos like the Cheerson CX-10 Nano Quadcopter or the Hubsan Q4 Estes Pro Nano Quadcopter. I find the Hubsan very delicate, the MJX X 900 Nano Hexacopter is far more robust and solidly made, you cannot fault the design. I have the all black body shell with silver MJX RC lettering and two flashes on the top of the body shell, it’s stealth looking. The design is most probably the best ever seen in the Nano Drone class, the MJX X900 Nano Hexacopter will grace any Drone collection. It is great fun to fly and would also make a great gift for any occasion. Lack of propellers guards tough is always a concern of mine especially if flown by younger flyers.

We at Drone Flyers would like to thank TinyDeal for sending us these fabulous Nano Hexacopter flying machines to test and evaluate.

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