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The Cheerson CX-11 Nano Quadcopter is a clone of the Estes Proto X / Hubsan Q4 H111 Nano Quadcopter Drone. Both are very similar in size shape and performance. This one was sent to the Drone Flyers Guide by EachBuyer so we could undertake an impartial and unbiased review CLICK THIS LINK . It is on sale now for $20 (Limited Time Offer). They say great things often come in small parcels and this fabulous little flyer from EachBuyer proves that point. This Nano Quadcopter Review will tell you how to fly and maintain this fabulous flyer.

Nano Quadcopter

Hubsan Q4 H111 and Cheerson CX-11 Nano Quadcopters

This Cheerson CX-11 is an extremely versatile Nano Quadcopter Drone and is a perfect little indoor flyer for those wishing to learn Quadcopter flying skills. It come very well presented and therefore makes a lovely gift. It is easy to set up and fly and the Nano Quadcopter battery is charged using the provided USB cable. You will get approximately  5 minutes flying time from a full battery charge. The flight board is extended to form the arms and motor attachment. The Yaw rate on the Cheerson CX-11 Nano Quadcopter is not quite as fast as the Hubsan Q4 which makes it a better choice for beginner Quadcopter flyers. Traditionally these nano sized Quadcopters are designed for indoor flying but are also great fun outdoors on a windless day.

Nano Quadcopter

Great Gift Box comes with the Cheerson CX-11

The Cheerson CX-11 Nano RC Quadcopter Drone from EachBuyer has three different flight speed settings so you can learn in the beginner mode the move up to intermediate  when you feel comfortable with your flying skills. Then you can get this amazing little Nano Quadcopter to perform fantastic flips that will undoubtedly impress onlookers.

Many experienced Drone flyers use Cheerson CX-11 Nano Quadcopters to improve their flying skills and develop their mind muscles.


Cheerson CX-11 Nano Quadcopter Features

1. Pocket-size mini main body, beautiful shape only for 4.5cm.
2. 2.4GHz remote control system, strong interference, far remote distance, no flying interfering
3. 6-axis gyro flight control system, ultra-stable flight, support quad-axis flying, 360 all-round roll
Battery: 3.7V 100mAh
Charging: about 30 minutes
Flight time: 5-7 minutes
Remote controller frequency: 2.4GHz
Remote control range: about 20 m
Remote controller battery: 2 x AA batteries ( not included )
Aircraft size: 46 x 46 x 24 mm
Rotor diameter: 30 mm
Body weight: 11.5g

Cheerson Nano Quadcopter Flying Tips

1. Please be sure to study the User Manual  before flight. This will ensure you are conversant with all the functionality of the Nano Quadcopter and the remote control transmitter. Place the remote control transmitter in your hands to get a feel of it.

2. Charge your battery up using the provided USB cable. When charging the USB will show a red light, when the battery is fully charged this red light will go out and you will be ready to fly your Cheerson CX-11 Nano Quadcopter. Please note this Cheerson CX-11 Nano Quadcopter has rear red led lights and blue Led front lights these are invaluable as a guide to orientation, the direction your Nano Quadcopter is pointing towards.

2. Ensure the Cheerson CX-11 Nano Quadcopter is pointing away from you with the battery terminal at the back. Power on the Nano Quadcopter and then switch on the remote control transmitter for pairing frequency. Pull the down the lever on the left side to the bottom and then to the top and then pull back to the bottom. The Led lights will flash then stay static and the remote control will beep. This will indicate the Nano Quadcopter has entered the normal operating state and has bound with the remote control transmitter. Ease the throttle up gently and the propeller blades will start to spin. Move the throttle stick gently forward some more and the Cheerson CX-11 Nano Quadcopter will start to lift off the ground. Practice this over and over again until you are confident. Then you can try moving the Cheerson CX-11 Nano Quadcopter forward and backward in the air by moving the right stick backward and forward.

3. Moving the left stick in the left direction will  turn the Cheerson CX-11 Nano Quadcopter to point left and likewise for the right stick it will point right. In technical terms this in known as the Yaw rate, the speed in which the Quadcopter changes direction. The right stick moves like this to change the pitch of the Nano Quadcopter instead of being horizontal it will tilt one way or the other.

4. Depressing the left throttle stick will change the flight speed moves and this will be indicated by one beep beginner mode, two beeps intermediate and three beeps advanced. Don’t try to run before you can walk and we always recommend beginners fly low and fly slow.

5. When and only when you are confident of flying this Cheerson CX-11 Nano Quadcopter then you can flip it and perform amazing aerobatics. To do this you will need a room with a high ceiling or even better outside on a windless day on a lawn or grassy patch. Landing on a soft patch will limit any damage. Once you master the flipping skill you will absolutely love it! To enable the flipping function you will need to press in the right stick, the transmitter will emit a constant beeping sound indicating your Cheerson CX-11 nano Quadcopter is now in flipping mode. Then move the right stick forward quickly and the Nano Quadcopter will flip over. The direction you move the stick will determine the direction the Quadcopter flips. Backwards for back flips, right for right side flips, left fo left side flips. Please note that plenty of practice is required to master this skill so be patient and you will soon get the hang of it.

6. Do not attempt to fly this Nano Quadcopter in the vicinity of small children or pets. The fast spinning propeller blades can cause injury always me mindful of this.

7. Should you experience a crash with your Cheerson CX-11 Nano Quadcopter from EachBuyer and it is most likely you will, ensure you bring the left right back immediately to stop the propellers spinning. This will save any damage to the motors.

8. Ensure you never fly the Cheerson CX-11 Nano Quadcopter whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Your EachBuyer Cheerson CX-11 Quadcopter Package includes
1 x Cheerson CX-10 Nano Quadcopter Drone
1 x Remote Control Transmitter
1 x USB charge cable
4 x Spare Propeller Blades
1 x English user manual
Packed in plastic Gift box

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