Worlds Fastest Micro Quadcopter

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Juncheng 3015 The Worlds Fastest Micro Quadcopter

The Drone Flyers Guide team fly Quadcopters and Drones and review them on a daily basis and were extremely excited when we came across this awesome little Micro RC Quadcopter now on sale at GearBest CLICK THIS LINK . This Micro Sized Quadcopter has an insane flying speed in advanced mode. We are hoping to receive a copy from GearBest so we can carry out an extensive and unbiased review. Be sure to check out all the vast range of RC Products available at  GearBest. They carry an extensive range of great RC Quadcopters and Aerial Photography Drones.

World's Fastest Micro Quadcopter

Many are calling this Juncheng 3015 Quadcopter the Fastest Micro in the World


Bat out of Hell!
The Juncheng 3015-2 RC Quadcopter is a fantastic fun flyer that has the latest 6-axis gyroscopic flight control system built in so its is able to perform intricate flight movements and acrobatic flips. This RC Quadcopter is fast so be warned. The Juncheng 3015 in the starter mode is quite sedate and hovers well but once you switch over to the advanced setting it flies like a bat out of hell!

Hand Launched Feature
It can be launched from your hand and watching this model flip will astonish any onlookers. The stylized airframe with bright built in LEDS lights makes it most suitable for indoor (normal mode recommended) and outdoor flying.
The Micro Quadcopter battery is charged using a USB cable and the Quadcopter itself is driven by 2 clockwise and 2 counter-clockwise coreless motors. Once your 250 mAh Quadcopter battery is fully charged you will get between five and six minutes flying time which is plenty if you are flying full speed as controlling this pocket rocket in advanced setting requires you to have all your wits about you!
You will need 4 AA sized batteries to power up the 2.4 Ghz remote control and suggest that while your Quadcopter battery is charging you take some time to study the manual so you understand all the functionality of this fabulous little flying machine.

world's fastest Micro Quadcopter

Cool Fast Micro Quadcopter in Black or White

Your Micro Quadcopter Package
Your package will be dispatched quickly from GearBest CLICK THIS LINK and will contain your super fast Micro Quadcopter, your Quadcopter Transmitter, four propeller blades, a protection frame (perfect for beginners), a 250 MAh Lipo Battery to power your Micro Quadcopter, a USB charger, screwdriver and an English manual.

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